The most lasting and enduring fact of Palestine is that Palestinians have lived through the vicissitudes of history since time immemorial and remained a nation and a people. Palestinians who comprise of Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths and non faiths endured the forces of change and remained connected to their ancestral land until they were forcefully displaced by a colonial enterprise. Unlike the imperialist of the past the new Zionists settlers dispossessed them of their land turning them into refugees who further denied their right to self determination and national sovereignty.


* London Conference ends with no agreement reached.
* Malcom MacDonald, Colonial Secretary of State, issues White Paper of 1939 embodying British solution to Palestine problem: conditional independence for unitary Palestinian state after ten years; admission of 15,000 Jewish immigrants annually into Palestine for five years, with immigration after that subject to "Arab acquiescence"; protection of Palestinian land rights against Zionist acquisition.
* British House of Commons votes 268 to 179 to approve White Paper of 1939.

Residents of Abu Ghosh, a village west of Jerusalem, taking the oath of allegiance to the Arab higher Comittee, April 1936. "Before Their Diaspora"


* Legislative Council proposal defeated by pro-Zionist members in British House of Common.

Abu Ghosh, about fourteen kilometers from Jerusalem, on the road to Jaffa. "Before their Diaspora"


* Palestine occupied by Allied forces under British General Allenby.

* End of World War I.

Aqaba, 1917:Troops of the Arab Revolt, "Before Their Diaspora"

* Chronology compiled from sources in the Bibliography section

1876 - 1877

* Ottoman constitution promulgated. Palestinian deputies from Jerusalem attend the first Ottoman parliament in Istanbul, elected under a new Ottoman constitution.



A Disputed land: The fame of Palestine comes from the over 80 years dispute between its local Arab population and the immigrant Zionist Jews who strove and later managed to establish their own political entity, the “State of Israel”, expelling and depriving the local population. Zionism in brief is a political ideology that believes in the establishment of a “national” home for the Jewish people in Palestine, it works to realize its aim through all possible means, with violence on top of the agenda.