394168_349635218382083_248420458503560_1381198_582111457_nThe third Palestine Memorial Week organized by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) concluded today after a comprehensive week of events across the UK. The week of activities, started on 16th till 23rd Jan. 2012, aimed at commemorating the memory of Palestinian victims over the past Six decades especially the last war in Gaza.

Various events took place across British universities and also at the Houses of Parliament. A tour was carried out to familiarize British audience with the latest developments in occupied Palestine.

The UK tour organized by the Palestinian Return Centre for Dr Mads Gilbert came to a successful end at Imperial College, London.
The week- long tour organized as part of Palestine Memorial Week 2012 was launched at the Houses of Parliament last Monday. Dr Gilbert spoke with other MPs then travelled to Manchester, Edinburgh, London UCL and Imperial College.

395888_349633758382229_248420458503560_1381177_209396019_nThe lectures were well attended, all student societies approximating that the event was the largest organized by their society.
His two hour long presentation focused on the Israeli onslaught on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, its main message however was the brutality of the ongoing occupation by Israel from a scientific and medical point of view.

Dr Gilbert’s narrative of the Gaza onslaught was as he describes, “a scientific aspect of the situation under occupation”.
He placed great emphasis on understanding the brutality of Gaza onslaught through the historical lens of Israeli occupation of Palestine. The three week long bombardment of Gaza was consistent with Israeli policy and mirrors previous Israeli aggression in the region, in particular that of his own experience in Lebanon in 1982.

As a preface to his lecture he also emphasis the point that “this is not a difficult conflict, but a difficult occupation” and as a result violence, aggression brutality are the mean instruments used impose an illegal occupation and siege.

390600_220603104695067_100002361366755_483178_144263617_nDuring his lecture, Dr Gilbert listed the main indicators of good health namely, safe water, food security, housing, work, education and health. He provided detailed analysis, with references from reputable agencies such as the United Nations, the renowned medical journal Lancet and others in describing the dangerous gap that exists in all these key areas.

The people of Gaza, he said, “were well below normal health levels which made the Israeli onslaught even more devastating”. Food and health was “used as a political tool to weaken Palestinians for a devastating blow”.

He quoted the Israeli President, Prime Minister and Generals who boasted over 90% success rate of the bombs they dropped over Gaza. “if the bombs were 90% successful then why are there nearly 400 dead children and another 1500 injured, why was the vast majority of the dead and injured civilians. How can Israeli explain the very high success rate with such a high civilian death toll”?