The plight of Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli occupation jails is passing through a critical moment that requires immediate European and International intervention as thousands incarcerated begin hunger strikes.

Thousands of Palestinian and Arab prisoners are deprived of their basic freedom and incarcerated in Israeli prisons, lacking the basic standards required in any jail. They have endured many unjust practises inflicted by the Israeli government which is violating its own commitment to International law and Charters of Human Rights. These violations are committed with total impunity and International accountability.

The Israeli violations of human rights of prisoners include:

1-    Methods of torture and use of psychological terror and techniques for degradation of human dignity as well as practices of blackmail against prisoners. Prison authorities use torture to obtain confessions which are then presented during unfair trials.

2-    Prisoner’s families are deprived from visiting their relatives beyond acceptable period. This is unfair and a collective punishment policy against prisoners. Some prisoners were prevented from seeing their families for 10 years and many others it was 7 years.

3-    Administrative Detention: Israeli authorities imprison Palestinians indefinitely without trials, some for many years.

4-    Solitary Confinement: Many prisoners are detained in very small cells removed from any interaction for long periods of time, even years.

5-    Medical Negligence: Prisoners are deprived basic medical care resulting in critical and chronic diseases that risk their lives. This includes prisoners who already suffer from chronic diseases.

6-    Military Trials and Detention: A collective punishment policy of detention is practised against civil society, students and activists for organising non-violent protest in their communities in support of Palestinian rights. Members of Parliament were not immune to such draconian methods.   

Thousands of prisoners were exposed to the above inhumane practises regardless of their genders or ages. Mothers were jailed with their children, youth, university students, elderly people, minors, Parliamentarians, political leaders and even patients. The conditions listed above have driven thousands of prisoners to go on hunger strike to end the Israeli violations and draw the attention of the International community to their cause. It’s also hoped that the hunger strike will break the silence of the International community. They started their hunger strike despite the terrible health risks associated with such a desperate tactic.

We, the undersigned, from all across Europe announce our solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as well as their family. We renounce the Israeli violations and call on the following:

1-    International community, European Union state members should work towards ending the plight of thousands of Palestinian prisoners whose rights are continually violated.

2-    Launching wide-scale solidarity and awareness event in support of Palestinian prisoners across Europe until they are addressed.

3-    Initiating European investigation committee that is mandated to visit and inspect the conditions facing prisoners in Israeli jails and ensure appropriate intervention is made by the different EU commissions.

4-    Enabling the International Red Cross and the various Human Rights organizations to look into the conditions of prisoners immediately.

5-    Compelling Israeli authorities to stop its arbitrary detention policy practised daily against Palestinian civilians. And also to stop the policy of torture and collective punishment policies and allowing them to see their families.

6-    Imposing punitive procedures and actions against Israel if it doesn’t abide by International laws and Human Rights Charters.


Endorsed by more than 10 thousands of Palestinians from Europe who attended the 10th Palestinians in Europe Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012