For our conference marking the 20th anniversary of Oslo we are calling on academics, experts, research students, policy makers, NGOs and activists for papers on the themes and topics below.


If you have strong views on the topic or you want to share your ideas we encourage you to get in touch.


Any interest should be submitted by the 1st of July on a single A4 sheet for review. Final papers will be presented during the two day conference during 7-8 September 2013.


To participate contact Nasim Ahmed on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 02084530919



Suggested Sessions and Titles:


  1. The Road to Oslo


  • The political condition in Palestine from the Nakba to the White House Lawn.
  • What were Israel’s major political considerations after decades of occupation?
  • The fall of USSR and other global factors


  1. Oslo Behind the Scene.


  • What role did Britain and Europe play in the Oslo Process?
  • What were the major considerations of the Arab countries?


4. What is Oslo


  • Declaration of Principles, What Was in What Was Out?
  • Why did Oslo bypass core issues?
  • Was Oslo structurally flawed?


5. Impact of Oslo:


  • Impact on the just resolution of the refugee question.
  • Impact of Oslo on Jerusalem.
  • Impact of Oslo on Internal Palestinian Politics?


6. Impact of Oslo:


  • Settlements and Borders, Changing Facts and More Colonization.
  • Impact of Oslo on Palestinian Sustainability (Water and Economy).
  • Theft of Water and Palestinian Resource
  • Palestinian Economy Under Oslo


7. After Oslo


  • Impact of Oslo on the region.
  • Peace Process after Oslo. 


8. The Future of Oslo and Palestine


  • Is Oslo Structurally Flawed or Caused to Fail?
  • The Framework for Justice and Peace in Palestine.