eu_confThe annual Conference of Palestinians in Europe is scheduled for the 7th of May in the City of Fobrtal in Germany. The conference is the 9th in a series of annual Palestinian conferences in Europe.  It is organized by General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), and Palestinian Assembly in Germany. The conference this year titled; “Return Generation knows its Track” is expected to focus on the conditions of Palestinians across Europe and their roles in raising the awareness about their just cause and stolen land. Key roles will be given to the young generations who are taking considerable part in the event.

Memorably, last year the conference was held in Germany, Berlin. Up to 12 thousands are expected to participate in the event. Most of the participants will come from European states, especially Germany, where huge Palestinian community resides. The event coincides with the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba.

The location for this year’s conference was chosen due to its close distance from Rayn province where 30 thousand Palestinians dwell. For Palestinians, The Rayn is considered the 2nd city after Berlin in terms of its high number of Palestinians.  They came to Germany during the Lebanon civil War in 1975.

The issue of Palestinian prisoners will be discussed during the conference in addition to other pressing concerns facing the Palestinians.

Also, the separation wall and settlements will be at the core of the conference which will help in the development of a strategic and collaborative response to their impact.

The organizers are also keen to discuss the significance of Arab revolution sweeping across the Middle East. Speakers from Arab countries, Egypt and Tunisia, will be participating and speaking about their experiences.

Palestinian National division will also be discussed with the view to resolve the ongoing fracture.

Also, Gaza will be on the conference’s agenda where the participants and dates of the 2nd Freedom Flotilla will be announced in.