IMG_1124For the first time, a week of wide ranging activities and events was launched yesterday, Wednesday 13th , to mark six decades of suffering and persecution experienced by the Palestinian people . The events are expected to spread all across Europe especially the UK. During the week, the biggest parliamentarian delegation (55 MPs & MEPs) are leaving for Gaza where an assessment of the disastrous humanitarian conditions will be made.





israel_1369153cPalestine Memorial week will be lunched with the first anniversary of the indiscriminate war against the besieged people of Gaza approaching, a number of organizations based in the UK and Europe are preparing for a week of events and actions. The events which will last one week will remember the victims killed in more than 30 massacres like Dair Yasin, Qibya and Sabra-Shatlia.

gaza31Several Organizations are preparing for a memorial week for the Palestinian victims over the past 60 years.  The organizations are picking the last week of the barbaric attacks on Gaza “Gaza genocide-war” to be the yearly annual week to mark the suffering thousands of Palestinians who passed the mayhem and exile.