syria_palestine_campsWednesday, 6 February, was a violent day in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp South of the Syrian capital of Damascus.  Twelve Palestinian refugees died due to heavy shelling operations in different areas of the camp.

According to sources, six of those killed were from one family, as their family home underwent heavy shelling.

Mohammed Teroyh, a medic, died while trying to help a number of people in an area just opposite the Palestinian hospital, when the area came under heavy shelling. Teroyh was a resident of the refugee camp Hama, but came to Yarmouk Refugee Camp months ago to work with the hospital’s medical staff.

There were violent confrontations at military checkpoints in Abbasid Square, the entrance of the Jobar neighborhood, and bombs along Talatin Street in the Yarmouk Camp.

Also on Wednesday, there was a bomb attack in the Yarmouk camp, apparently targeting a Syrian government army building, but no material or human casualties have been reported from this attack.

Around seventeen Palestinians have been reported as injured from these shelling attacks, along with a fire that broke out from this shelling.  This fire was in the vicinity of an important mosque in the area, and lead to concerns about continuing destruction of property.

The UN Human Rights office has reported that over 60,000 people have been killed in the ongoing Syrian crisis and that this number is constantly increasing.