21 May 2013 – Health programmes carried out by the United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees has helped to improve their lives, but greater efforts and more resources are needed to effectively tackle health challenges, particularly during times of conflict, says a new report.



Historically, Palestinian refugees, wherever they have sought temporary sanctuary following the ethnic cleansing of their country by the 19th century Zionist colonial enterprise, and pending their return to Palestine, have insisted on avoiding local and international conflicts while seeking a modicum of interim civil rights from the host countries.

Climbing the hill outside of Deir Jarir, it was easy to mistake the bulldozer’s purpose. In a village surrounded by settlements and an Israeli military base, construction equipment can conjure images of forced displacement and land theft, as this equipment is so often used for these purposes in Palestine.

egypt-palestinian-syrian-refugees-25.06.13By Neil Sammonds, Amnesty International’s Syria researcher-- Bahaa, a Palestinian refugee from Syria, has taken a short break from his precious decorating job to take me to meet his family in 6th of October City, a satellite city of Egypt’s capital Cairo.

file_ad7cb298ab_conf_women1The conference held in the Dhafir al Masri Hall at Al Najah National University on 4th April 2001 reaffirmed belief in the central role of the Palestinian woman and her importance in every stage of the struggle with the Zionists, especially in preserving the right of return.

It was attended by an impressive gathering of representatives of institutions concerned with the refugee issue. The event received wide coverage in Palestinian newspapers both at home and abroad.