h7-8 May 2010 Berlin

Since its birth in 2003 the annual conference of Palestinians in Europe has become a major event for Palestinians in diaspora. The conference pulls crowds of up to Seven Thousand from Europe and across the world in affirmation of the right of return.

Every year politicians, academics, activists and NGOs come together during the anniversary of the Nakba in a strong show of support for the Palestinian people. Last year the conference was held in Milan where it provided a strong platform to organize a large aid convoy to Gaza.

Amongst raising the right of return it also addresses key political issues and takes a strategic look at assisting the Palestinian cause, developing stronger relations between Palestinians and Europe and to celebrate their culture.

The event is widely publicized and is covered by Arab and international media. In past conference many notable and high profile politicians participated from Europe. And this year in Berlin we also hope to bring together a group of strong panelists.

Join us in Berlin and show your solidarity and support with thousands of others from around the world.

For Further Information visit us on: www.prc.org.uk
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