1The ongoing Nakba Conference and the memorial Week were advertised thuersday morning on the independent.

ber_copyThe Palestinian communities in Europe, their organisations and societies condemned all proposals that annulled the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland and homes. They published a document affirming that they were not abandoning this right.




The Seventh Palestinians in Europe conference concluded with distinct success under the theme “Return is a right, no Consent and no Concession” on 2nd May 2009 in Milan, Italy.


JumhurUnder the motto of "Sixty years...and return is nearer" the Sixth Palestinians in Europe has been concluded. It was jointly organized by the General Secretariat of the Congress of European Palestinians, the Palestinian Return Centre, London, and the Palestinian Forum in Denmark in association with a number of Palestinian organizations both inside and outside of Denmark.


europe_conf_1The 10th Palestinians in Europe Conference organized by the General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and the Palestinian Forum in Denmark concluded its works and activities Saturday, 28th, April 2012 in Denmark, Copenhagen. The conference was titled “Our Spring blossoms our Return”

136908509627244700_resizedThe 11th Palestinians in Europe Conference ended in Brussels, on Saturday, 18th May 2013. The conference was convened under the title, “Signs of Return is blossoming”. Thousands of Palestinians participated in the annual event, which was attended by delegations from various European countries.  A number of Palestinian politicians, community leaders and public figures participated in the event.  They came from locations either in the occupied Palestinian territories or the Diaspora. European MPs, activists, journalists and representatives of various NGOs also took part in this year’s event.