oslo2The conference marking 20 years of the Oslo Accords organized by The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) and the Exeter Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (IAIS) is only days away.
The two day event, Saturday 7 September and Sunday 8 September, will bring together a host of international experts, academics, policy makers and MPs, to discuss the impact and future of the  Accords.

Keynote speaker Abdul Bari Atwan will provide his unique perspective and involvement with the Oslo Accords. In addition, eight different sessions will provide a detailed analysis of the historical context of the Accords, its Impact on key issues such as refugee and statehood and examine its future viability towards justice and peace in Palestine.

The conference will also show the new and exclusive documentary, “The Price of Oslo” by Aljazeera senior producer and director Rawan Damen. She will also share her thoughts on the production and material unearthed during the making of the documentary.

The event will be streamed live and further details with links for live viewing will be announced very soon.


    Abdul Bari Atwan - Prominent Palestinian Commentator and previous editor in chief of Al Quds Al Arabi)
    Baroness Jenny Tonge
    Clare Short -Former Labour Minister
    Dr Daud Abdullah -Director of Middle East Media Monitor
    Dr Ghada Karmi- leading Palestinian activist, academic and writer author of Married to Another Man
    Dr Maria Holt, Senior Lecturer Westminster University
    Emile Badarin -PhD student in Middle East Politics, his research is focused on the Palestinian political discourse between exile and occupation
    Gillian Kerr-Sheppard, Researcher at University of Sydney, Australia
    Illan Pappé- Professor of Arab and Islamic Studies - University of Exeter, Author of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
    Ismail Patel -Chairman of FOA
    Jeremy Corbyn (MP)
    Khaled Waleed- U-Free Network
    Majed Al-Zeer- General Director of PRC
    Mr Nasim Ahmed, Senior Researcher at PRC
    Muhamed Hamid
    Petter Bauck -Senior Advisor on conflict-related issues in the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and Editor of upcoming book on Oslo
    Profesor Michael Dumper, Profesor of Middle Eastern Studies Exeter University
    Rawan Damen -Producer and Director, Programs Department Al Jazeera, Director of Al Nakba film
    Revd. Dr. Stephen Sizer
    Rosemary Hollis -Professor of Middle East Policy Studies
    Sabah Al Mukhtar- president of the Arab Lawyers Association
    Salah Eddin Elzein-Al Jazeera Centre for Studies
    Uri Davis - Fath Revolutionary Council & Palestine National Council, ethnically cleansed and occupies Palestine


Topics to be Discussed:

    From the Nakba to Oslo: Evolution of Palestinian struggle for human rights and self determination
    Israel’s road to Oslo: Conflict management or conflict resolution
    The Price of Oslo
    Role of the West in the Oslo Process
    Oslo’s fatal flaws
    Impact on the just resolution of the refugee question
    Detention and Imprisonment of Palestinians under Oslo
    What was achieved by devolving authority over education to Palestinians
    Impact on the Political Thinking of Palestinian Leadership
    Theft of Water and Palestinian Resource
    Thinking Beyond Oslo
    The Future of Oslo and Palestine, "The Framework for Justice and Peace in Palestine