web_1The 9th Palestinians in Europe Conference commenced in Wuppertal city of Germany today Saturday, 7th May 2011. The conference started amid considerable attendance of thousands of Palestinians who flooded from all across the world, especially European countries. Yousef Abu Ghazala, 57, a Palestinian resident of Germany expressed his extreme happiness of the event which comes in coincidence of Palestinian unity.

“All Palestinians of different approaches are participating in the event today. We are all alike. Indeed, it’s our day of real unity. I hope this conference helps to solve all Palestinian differences as it will lead us to liberation.”  Yousef said.

The Conference is titled “Generation Knows its Path” where it seeks to engage the new Palestinian Generations of Europe to adhere to their right of Return along with integration in their societies.

Zionists smeared on the event trying to stop it where German authorities refused their request. German parties, politicians and governmental bodies refused to cancel the event.  

A number of Palestinian and Europeans politicians, MPs, Academics, Writers and Journalists are participating at this unique event.

PRC met with some Palestinians who are originally refugees that arrived from Lebanon after Israeli massacres of Sabra and Shatila in the1980es of the last century. They all made it clear that they still adhere to their identity and history and on top, their right of Return.

A German born Palestinian Fadia Mansour, 23, expressed her great joy of being part of the event today.  She is a BA student of Orientalism and religions.

“We, Palestinians are being silenced here in Germany. As we speak against Israel, Zionists in this country, say we are anti Jews but we are not. Thus, we are not allowed to criticize Israel freely. We hope to go back to Palestine when it’s liberated, me and my children.  This is a fact that Israel should accept and submit to.” said Fadia