conference_englishFinal arrangements are taking place for the 9th Palestinians in Europe Conference scheduled for the 7th of May in the City of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Considerable attendance and media coverage will accompany the annual event.
The event is organized by General Secretariat of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), and Palestinian Assembly in Germany.

This year’s event is titled; “Return Generation knows its Track” is expected to focus on the conditions of Palestinians across Europe and their role in raising awareness about their just cause and stolen land. Key roles will be given to the young generations who are taking considerable part in the event.

Most of the participants will come from European states, especially Germany, where a significant number of Palestinians reside. The event coincides with the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba.

The issue of Palestinian prisoners will be discussed during the conference in addition to other pressing concerns facing the Palestinians.

Also, the separation wall and settlements will be at the core of the conference which will help in the development of a strategic and collaborative response to their impact.

The organizers are also keen to discuss the significance of Arab revolution sweeping across the Middle East. Speakers from Arab countries, Egypt and Tunisia, will be participating and speaking about their experiences.
A number of key speakers will participate on the conference such as, Prof. Dr. Abdallah Ashaal, Former Egyptian ambassador and current presidential candidate, Dr. Mustafa Bargouthi

Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Salman Abusitta, Research and founder of Palestine Land Societ and Ali Abu Sukkar, Former president of the Jordanian Technical Chamber

German MPs as Inge Höger, Member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) and Arif Ünal member of the Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia will speak on conference sessions.

Other speakers will include:

Abdelfattah Mourou
Tunisian Islam scholar and leader

Yassin Hammoud
Manager of Al Quds International Institution

Fadwa Barghouti
Lawyer, spouse of Marwan Barghouti (Fatah Central Committee Member)

Mohammad Hamdan
Head of the European Network for Defending the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners

Dr. Khairi Elagha
Head of the Forum of Palestinian Businessmen

Samir Dilou
Lawyer and member of the revolution council in Tunisia

Dr. Arafat Madi
Head of the The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza

Raif Hussein
Chairman of The Palestinian Congregation in Germany

Amin Abou Rashed
General secretary of the European Intiviative Against the Wall

Shakib Makhlouf
Head of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe

Dr. Hisham Hammad
President of the Palestinian community in Dortmund

Umm Ahmad Kort
Spokeswoman of the Palestinian Women Union in Europe

Dr. Mohammad Salem
Head of Forum for Palestinian Doctors in Europe (PalMed Europe) in France

Jamal Mahmoud
Spokesman of the Palestinian Friendship Society in Wuppertal +

Dr. Suhail Abu Shammala
Chairman of the Palestinian Community in Germany (PGD)

Dr. Mohammad Hannoun
Chairman of Palestinian Engineers Society in Italy

Dina Alnadi
Talented young Palestinian girl from Al-Hussein Refugee Camp in Jordan

Majid Al-Zeer
Head of the conference and general manager of the Palestinian Return Centre in London

Adel Abdallah
General secretary of the Palestinians in Europe Conference