_DSC9379Berlin Declaration
Eights Palestinians In Europe Conference
Saturday, 8th May 2010

The Eights Palestinians in Europe Conference titled "The Inevitable return, and freedom for the Incarcerated" concluded successfully its activities in Berlin on the 8th of May 2010.

Thousands of Palestinians from across Europe participated in the event. Prominent Palestinians including politicians, writers, thinkers, journalists, academics and others from occupied Palestine and other places participated in the event. Arab and western solidarity activists took part in the conference seminars.
The conference was organized by the General Secretariat of Palestinians in Europe Conference, Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), in partnership with Palestinian Assembly in Germany and other Palestinian/Arab organizations.
The outcome of the conference and its activities affirmed its previous declarations made every year since the conference began in 2003 in London.
The Eight Palestinians in Europe Conference values the tremendous efforts of the organizers which led to this resounding success. Hence, the conference participants and organizers are pleased to announce the Declaration of Berlin as follows:

1- Palestinians in Diaspora and occupied Palestine is one unity of same legacy, identity, culture and traditions. The Palestinian nation is proud of its historical roots. The Palestinians are one nation and no effort to separate them will succeed. Our Palestinian people hold fast to their rights to resist Israeli occupation by all means guaranteed by all humanitarian laws and charters.

2- Right of Return to our land and home is an inalienable human right guaranteed under international law. We, Palestinians, gave no one the right to speak on our behalf to barter this basic human rights. We are certain that our return is inevitable and will come true one day.

3- Palestinian Prisoners (heroes and heroine) are in our hearts. They are the brave and courageous who are willing to sacrifice their freedom for the world to see and hear of our imprisonment. We will never give up fighting for them until they are granted freedom. We, in this conference, call on all, every institution, every NGO, every human rights organisations to demand Israel to release Palestinian prisoners.

4- Jerusalem is central and a core component of the Palestinian cause. Jerusalem is the best of the cities and source of history. Zionist occupation will never succeed in stealing this land from us. We call on the Islamic and Arabic nations to take its historical and religious responsibility towards the people of Jerusalem. They should support the Palestinians and their steadfastness by every means possible.

5- The conference condemns strongly the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. We call on the international community, Arab and Muslim nations especially Egypt to lift the siege and open the crossing particularly Rafah crossing.

6- The Separation wall, confiscation of land, house demolition, settlements building and all other strict Israeli measures will not change the facts nor will they break the will of the people and their resilience until the inevitable liberation is achieved.

7- We call on the international community, human rights organizations to proceed on persecuting Israeli war criminals, especially those who perpetrated the heinous war crimes in Gaza. This shall happen through implementing the recommendations of the Goldstone.

8- The conference calls to national Palestinian unity and protecting the just cause of our people through conducting a national reconciliation based on fixed Palestinian rights. We also stress on rebuilding the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to include all Palestinian people.

9- We call on the European decision makers to take real and serious steps towards bringing Palestinians their rights. We ask them to stand by justice and freedom by condemning Israel's continued belligerence and more importantly to end its support for a constant violator of moral and legal principals. Europe has a historical role that can't be neglected when it comes to the Nakba of 1948. Europe has provided unflinching support for this colonial project. The Palestinian people, generation after generation, are still paying the price of this historic mistake.

We, the Eights Palestinians in Europe Conference, salute our Palestinian people and their struggle as well as the friends of Palestine worldwide. We promise you, our prisoners and martyrs, that we will never stop until Palestine is liberated.